Dietary supplement enriched with concentrate from natural raw materials such as shark cartilage and green-lipped mussel, which supports flexible joints.

To maintain flexible joints

Supports the cartilage

With shark cartilage and green-lipped mussel

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Souplesse contains some very potent natural ingredients. As such, Chondroitin is extracted from shark cartilage. This is a by-product of the waste in the production of shark meat and would otherwise be lost. By winning it from this source it has an optimal concentration. Chondroitin is an important building material for the firmness of the cartilage, and would decrease the breakdown of cartilage. The raw material has a high nutritional value and contains mucopolysaccharides and thrombospondin, which strengthens among other things the bone structure of older animals. Did you know that sharks are known for their highly effective immune system? Wounds heal quickly and infections rarely occur in sharks. Because of these unique properties, shark cartilage powder works very effectively in joint problems. The powder supports joint functions and stimulates the regeneration of worn cartilage. In addition, it supports recovery after illness, injuries or stress. It works pain reducing, anti-inflammatory and counteracts stiffness.  

Cartilage does not contain blood vessels, so that all building blocks and nutrients in the cartilage must ‘seep through’. Cartilage consists largely of a kind of watery gel, collagen, proteins and long chains of sugar molecules. Glucosmine is a building block of these chains, and stimulates the formation and recovery of the articular cartilage. This substance is extracted by a unique extraction method from the green-lipped mussel, which is only found in the extremely clean coastal waters of New Zealand. As a result, the product is free of bacteria, toxins and heavy metals.  

The mussel concentrate has already been used for 20 years to treat joint problems and relieve pain. The anti-arthritis effect is mainly associated with the glycogen fraction in the mussel. The unique extraction method works without toxic chemicals and has the additional advantage that the active components, such as glycogen, show greater effectiveness and other valuable nutrients are preserved. The product contains proteins, complex carbohydrates, fats, naturally chelated minerals, enzymes, nucleïde acids and muco-poly saccharides (e.g. glucosamine), which can provide nutritional support and affect the joints in particular.  

Together with Chondroitin, Glucosamine helps in the regeneration of tendons and joints, and works anti-inflammatory. What a powerduo! Many top riders also use these ingredients to keep the joints of their precious horses in good condition. A must to serve if your dog no longer moves smoothly or suffers from stiff joints. It is recommended to older animals, quadrupeds in recovery period or sports animals. Preventively, it can also be administered for the maintenance of a supple musculoskeletal system. 

Complementary pet food for dogs.


Cereals, vegetable by-products, meat and animal by-products, oils and fats, fish and fish derivatives (1.52% shark cartilage), molluscs and crustaceans (1.52% green-lipped mussel)

Analytical components:

crude protein  9.0%
crude fat 5.5%
crude ash 1.7%
crude fibre 0.2%
moisture  22.5%


  • preservatives
  • flavourings
  • colourants and antioxidants  

The product is ready to be served. 
Provide enough fresh drinking water. 
Keep cool and dry. 

Ca. 150 stuks/flacon

  • 3-15 kg
    2 in the morning
    2 in the evening
  • 15-25 kg
    3 in the morning
    3 in the evening
  • 25-60 kg
    4 in the morning
    4 in the evening

  • The product is ready to be served.
  • Provide enough fresh drinking water.
  • Keep cool and dry.