Made in Belgium

Administering medication to your pet is often a major challenge. At pharma.pet we transport scientific solutions in a supplement that your animal likes to eat.

The dietary supplements are enriched with concentrate from natural resources that contribute to supporting health. On the one hand, we have the Supplements, which work in a complementary and supportive way, and on the other, the Supports that provide additional health support for ailments. The Multivitamin is a general complex packed with vitamins and minerals to offer your four-legged friend that little bit extra.

Do you need to administer medication from the vet? That too is now easier with the Transporter. Slide the capsule into the Transporter, squeeze the ends a little and give it to your dog. Thanks to the delicious taste and smell of chicken liver, this tailor-made carrier ensures that medication delivery runs much smoother.

In short, pharma.pet stands for years of scientifically substantiated knowledge in a bite-sized solution.